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Illinois Division of Financial Institutions

Consumer Credit Section
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Springfield, IL 62701
Phone: (888) 298-8089
Contact: Phil Sanson, Acting Consumer Credit Assistant Supervisor

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Illinois Short Term Loan Laws

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Illinois Payday Loan Laws Details

The data provided here is for general informational purposes and should not be used as legal reference. If you have questions regarding Illinois payday loan laws contact the Illinois Division of Financial Institutions.

Payday loans are legal in Illinois (see Illinois Payday Loans or Illinois Installment Loans to compare fees and requirements for individual lenders).

Feature Specification
Amount (max) lesser of $1000 or 25% gross monthly income
Rates or Fees (max) $15.50 per $100
Term Limitations 13-120 days
General Loan Terms

In Illinois, no rollovers are permitted. The cooling period between loans is 7 days after 45 consecutive loan days. Illinois requires extended repayment plans.

For example, in Illinois the rates and fees on a 14 day, $100 loan are:

Terms Amount
Loan Amount $100
Fees $15.50
APR 403%
Sample Loan Terms

Illinois also defines regulations around collections. If available, the table below lists the fees lenders are permitted to charge if the loan is not repaid and/or whether a lender can threaten use of or use criminal action if a borrower is unable to repay a loan.

Feature Specification
Collection Fees One $25 NSF fee (Presentment limit = 2)
Criminal Action Prohibited
Regulations on Collections
Finally, a more detailed excerpt from Illinois's statutes on finance charges is listed below. In general the tables above summarize this.

No lender may charge more than $15.50 per $100 loaned on any payday loan over the term of the loan, or more than $15.50 per $100 on the initial principal balance and on the principal balances scheduled to be outstanding during any installment period on any installment payday loan. Any installment payday loan must be fully amortizing, with a finance charge calculated on the principal balances scheduled to be outstanding and be repayable in substantially equal and consecutive installments, according to a payment schedule agreed by the parties with not less than 13 days and not more than one month between payments; except that the first installment period may be longer than the remaining installment periods by not more than 15 days, and the first installment payment may be larger than the remaining installment payments by the amount of finance charges applicable to the extra days. In calculating finance charges under this subsection, when the first installment period is longer than the remaining installment periods, the amount of the finance charges applicable to the extra days shall not be greater than $15.50 per $100 of the original principal balance divided by the number of days in a regularly scheduled installment period and multiplied by the number of extra days determined by subtracting the number of days in a regularly scheduled installment period from the number of days in the first installment period. No lender may make a payday loan to a consumer if the total of all payday loan payments coming due within the first calendar month of the loan, when combined with the payment amount of all of the consumer's other outstanding payday loans coming due within the same month, exceeds the lesser of: (1) $1,000; or (2) in the case of one or more payday loans, 25 percent of the consumer's gross monthly income; or (3) in the case of one or more installment payday loans, 22.5 percent of the consumer's gross monthly income; or (4) in the case of a payday loan and an installment payday loan, 22.5 percent of the consumer's gross monthly income. For purposes of determining the finance charge earned on an installment payday loan, the disclosed annual percentage rate shall be applied to the principal balances outstanding from time to time until the loan is paid in full, or until the maturity date, whichever occurs first. No finance charge may be imposed after the final scheduled maturity date.

Citation: Ill. Comp. Stat. and 815 ILCS 122/1-1 et seq. and 2011 Public Act 97-0421.