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The Payday Hound Official Launch

- Hound newsPayday loans

Doshound officially launched today! See the formal press release here.

We are excited for the launch of Doshound. The online payday loan industry is growing even as traditional brick and mortar payday lending begins to slow down.

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Payday loans are a double edged sword. They provide short-term, emergency funding, and can be cheaper than overdraft fees or penalty fees but can be disastrous to you if used incorrectly with fees piling up very quickly. We hope Doshound can help users use payday loans to their advantage by helping users determine if a payday loan is right for them, and then, if it is, find responsible lenders.

Doshound aims to bring informed reviews and rankings to the online space. We want to arm users with information to protect themselves and, if necessary, find the payday loan best for them. We have not found many other review sites and the ones that exist do not seem to be updated or carry a very limited selection of reviews. This is why we launched Doshound. Even at launch we now review more than five times as many lenders as other sites and continue to review more lenders every week.

Anyway, thanks for checking in and we hope you enjoy Doshound and look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions.

This article was updated on April 03, 2012 by Doshound