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Cash Store

  • State Lic lender only. Pricing shown is based on TX rates.
  • Must go to store to complete application.
  • State Lic. Based in Texas. Since 1997

eligible credit type ⓘ

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Our eligible credit type estimate is a general guide based on FICO® Scores:

Credit Type FICO® Score
All All Scores
Fair 620+
Good 680+
Great 720+
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Cash Store Review

Term Loans
$100 - $1000 Loan Amount
313% to 780% APR Range
Apply by Phone
Branch Network
Online Account Access
Help Chat
Privacy Policy
State Licensed Lender
Great Sniff Score
A+ BBB Score
240 BBB Complaints
Addresses BBB Complaints
BBB Accredited

This a solid store front lender. They have a low BBB score. They are state licensed and have been in operation since 1997. They offer payday, installment, and installment loans

Borrowers must visit stores in person to complete the application and receive cash. So for an online lender they are not ideal but if they have a store near you they are a solid choice.

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We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Cash Store. We are an independent review site.