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Just Military Loans no longer offers short term loans.

Just Military Loans

  • [CLOSED]
  • The are no longer making new loans
  • They continue to service old loans via Monterery Financial
Just Military Loans
We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Just Military Loans. We are an independent review site.

Just Military Loans Review

Last updated on January 09, 2021
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Just Military Loans specializes in short term military loans. They can get cash to you overnight and their application process is geared towards military members. They do not provide much information on their site such as rates, terms, or payment information. They do have a 15 day cancellation policy and a full refund of fees. We requested additional information on terms but none was given.

They are very cautious about being associated with anything that is related to payday lending. We understand this fear as historically payday lenders have been predatory in nature. In addition, many exploited military members. We believe transparency addresses this issue. Just Military Loan's approach has been to stay beneath the radar so it is difficult to get additional information on their policies and to review their services. They are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have maintained an A rating.

They are a Delaware licensed lender and their legal name is General Financial, Inc. They do not appear to be licensed in other states. This means they are operating under the assumption they can export Delaware law to other states. They do offer in loans most states.

In general, all installment lenders lend to members of the military so there is no need to focus on a lender specializing on the military. The Payday Hound prefers lenders who are licensed in every state they operate. If you are a member of the military and need emergency cash going with a licensed lender in your state may be a better choice.

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We are not affiliated with nor endorsed by Just Military Loans. We are an independent review site.